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We offer a free consultation, so you can find out everything you need to know about what is involved before deciding whether to go ahead.

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Cutting & Styling

We can create style and texture for anyone’s hair as we offer women’s, and men’s haircuts. Whatever your hair type, we’ll give it style, add texture, movement, create layering, strength, add curls, reduce curls, straighten with expert drying and with only the best range of tools. our team will offer the best

Hair colour

Colouring has been around for hundreds of years, the main reasons for this practice are cosmetic (e.g., to cover grey hair, to change to a colour regarded as more fashionable or desirable, or to restore the original hair colour after it has been discoloured by hairdressing processes or sun bleaching). Today, hair colouring is immensely popular and at The golden hair and beauty.

Hair extensions

At The golden Salon we are specialise in Hair Extensions for all requirements. Most clients have extensions to add length and volume, but you may only want to add some thickness and volume without adding any length, or even add length without adding volume. We supply the finest quality hand made wigs service. We can create highlights from using extensions so that you don’t damage your hair by colouring it and drying it out. All our Remy hair is of high quality, 100% virgin hair, which can be coloured, this hair is suitable for European and Afro hair types. The hair extensions generally take around 2 -3 hours to be applied.

Micro Rings Hair Extensions

Micro Rings Hair Extensions are the safest and most unnoticeable hair extensions method available. There is no glue, no heat or chemicals needed for Micro Ring Hair Extensions, which means there is no damage to your natural hair, therefore your hair will continue to grow naturally. Micro Rings are tiny rings that are lined with silicone to protect your natural hair and to prevent slippage. Micro Rings are suitable for all hair textures from fine to thick hair. This method is very reliable, very popular and also allows you to add highlights and lowlights. As our Micro Rings are so small, coloured to blend in with your natural hair and applied in a way that they are so discreet and unnoticeable, you will look and feel completely natural.

Traditional sewn-in & Net weaving

This technique is great for “Full Weaves”, a thin net is used on top of your braided hair, the net serves as a foundation so that the extensions may be applied without the bulkiness. This method is also great for those with thinning hair or bald areas. The net itself covers any problem areas and allows extensions to be attached in those thinning areas without adding any extra stress to your natural hair. This method last about 6-10 weeks with the proper maintenance & care.



Micro bonding

Micro Bonding Method Explained: Taking strands of loose hair, keratin resin is applied to the tip. This keratin tip is then placed against a small section of your hair, and a sealed bond is formed by rolling and pinching. The hair extension hair is now fully fused with your own hair by the small, rice-shaped bond.
The Micro bonding method is popular because:

  • The new hairdo has natural movement.
  • The Hair Extensions are more comfortable to wear.
  • Teeny tiny bonds can be placed in fringes and at the temples.
  • Permanent Hair Extensions – lasts for 4 months.
  • Removal is simple and safe.


Eyebrow threading Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair-removal technique, practiced for centuries among the most beautiful women of Asia and the Middle East. It is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin.



Tracking weaving can be any of these methods. With track tracking weave you will only Be Adding or blending a few extensions to enhance your natural hair.Great for Adding length and volume to a Healthy looking hair.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions are the newest revolutionary eyelash treatment which transforms your lashes into longer, thicker, curlier natural looking lashes. Not to be confused with the traditional false eyelashes which are typically made with a strip or with multiple lashes knotted together which are applied directly onto the eyelid using an adhesive formula that dries hard on the eyelid and lashes.